Natural Beauty Tips And Secrets

by Kelvin Wilson on November 15, 2011

Natural Beauty Tips And Secrets


Makeup Tip's And Techniques

Natural beauty Tip's And Secrets reveal the do's and don'ts of makeup application. how not to add years to your age.

I’d like to know some natural beauty tips and secrets to keep my self looking young. I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase she’s just naturally beautiful, and it’s true some women do have features that are more socially appealing, I think we are all beautiful we just need to know what not to do when it come’s to applying our makeup.

I don’t have to tell you that sometimes we can get a little heavy handed with our makeup, sometimes in the quest to be beautiful we try to cover up our flaws wrinkles, acne, moles etc. But getting heavy handed with the concealer and foundation will only aggravate the condition more, if the skin can’t breath it will irritate the acne making it worse, and this excess will also cause your wrinkles to be more noticeable.

Since most of us didn’t study cosmetology and how to properly apply our makeup it’s only natural we would make a few mistakes. Quoted from OneIndia Living this article gives you 7tip’s on the do’s and don’ts of applying your makeup.

1. If you have wrinkles on your face, you generally hide them with foundation. Applying excessive foundation can make the skin look dry, thus highlighting the wrinkles and making them more visible. To avoid such makeup blunders, apply moisturizer on the face before starting with the makeup. You can also use a makeup sponge after applying foundation to remove extra powder or cream from the lines.

2. Light foundation or concealer can make you look old. For makeup, it is best to apply colours which matches with your skin tone and does not look too white. The best natural makeup look can be achieved by choosing colours similar or one tone lighter than the skin colour.

3. Applying heavy amount of concealer to hide dark circles can make your wrinkles more visible. Moisturize the skin around the eyes before applying a concealer.

4. Avoid applying powder around the eyes. This makeup mistake makes a woman look old and adds years to the age! Prefer applying powder on the nose and cheeks and not around the eyes.

5. Bright and dark lip colours make you look old. Avoid using dark colours such as dark brown, maroon and red lip colours. Opt for nude shades which make you look young and feminine.

6. Applying mascara on the lower eye lashes attracts more attention to the dark circles. Never apply mascara on the lower lashes. Curve the upper lashes with black colour mascara to make them look attractive.

7. One common makeup mistake which adds years to a woman’s age is the wrong eye shadow applying technique. Never spread the eye shadow especially the shimmer ones on the outer corners of the eyes. This makes the wrinkles more visible. Always apply on the inner corners, the centers of the eyelids and on the eyebrow bones. Here is the original

These are some good natural beauty tips and secrets that will help you keep father time at bay. So you will constantly hear WoW! I would never have guest, you look so young what is your secret.

Beauty is something that come’s from the inside out. A beautiful spirit is a beautiful body which produces a beautiful person, if you liked this article would you share it with your friends and click the like button below.


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