Natural Makeup Hair Thickeners 3 That Work

by Kelvin Wilson on December 4, 2011

Natural Makeup Hair Thickeners 3 That Work

Natural Makeup Hair Thickeners That Really Work

Thick full healthy hair is what every woman dreams of, give your hair what it needs to be beautiful with natural makeup hair thickeners 3 that work.

Natural makeup hair thickeners 3 that work: Thick beauty hair, this is what we all want hair that’s thick, full and healthy, however sometimes this is just not the case no matter what you do your hair continues to break off from being brittle, and it seems like its coming from the root.

We’ve all seen someone with a thick full head of hair that’s seems to be so full and healthy, all you can do is wish your hair was like that so you wash it, treat it, condition it, do all you can do. but it just won’t stop breaking off.

There are several things that can cause your hair to break off like stress, viruses, chemicals and fungus, like the rest of the skin on your body your scalp must be cleaned and dead skin cells removed, if not this can create a fertile breeding ground for infection. However not ever scalp disorder is from infection some are just common conditions like dandruff which can be managed very effectively with conditioners and shampoos.

In the your skin there’s a gland called the sebaceoous gland that produces (sebum) which is comprised primarily of fatty acids. Sebum protects the hair and skin as well as minimize growing microorganisms in the skin, sebum helps to maintain the natural acidic pH to keep it somewhere between 5 and 6.8. This substance travels down the hair shaft moisturizing it and natural giving it a healthy shine, protecting your hair by keeping moisturized.

There is help! This article was posted on Future Derm and it give some tip’s on what you can do to stop the breakage so you too can have thick healthy hair.

Natural Makeup Hair Thickeners 3 That Work

1. Poly beta amino ester-1

Natural Makeup Hair Thickeners 3 That Really Work

Give your hair that thick look that you always wanted.

The Langer lab (at MIT) developed poly beta amino ester-1, an ingredient that coats each hair shaft with “thickening points” that essentially work like Post-It notes, grabbing at one

another while leaving space between each strand.  In essence, this means you get all of the punch (volume) with none of the crunch (stickiness)!  The ingredient is available in Living Proof Full Thickening Cream ($24.00, and all of the Living Proof products.

I’ve used Living Proof Full Thickening Cream on the crown of my head for a few months now.  From my personal experience, it is best to use only a small amount of Living Proof Full Thickening Cream evenly on your hair, or else your hair will look more “wet” than “thick.”  I also noticed much more results from the Living Proof Full Thickening Cream than the shampoo or the conditioner.

2. Intra-Cylane

Cosmetic giant L’Oréal introduced the Fiberceutic line ($20.99,, which fills the hair with Intra-Cylane, a flexible soft fiber.

Natural Makeup Hair Thickeners That Really Work

Give your hair that youthful look you had when you was young

Activated by water, Intra-Cylane deposits in the hair as evaporation takes place. It is designed to help reinforce the protective keratin layer of hair. According to L’Oréal celebrity stylist Eva Scrivo, “L’Oréal’s Fiberceutic line is similar to Restylane or Juvederm in its effect…similar to how these fillers help to plump and smooth the lines on the face, Intra-Cylane fills each hair strand with a flexible soft fiber, increasing the density.” If the strand-plumping Fiberceutic line is used first, followed by the strand-separating Living Proof products, hair can seem quite a bit thicker!

3. Viviscal®

Natural Makeup Hair Thickeners That Really Work

This is a very popular protein supplement to strengthen your hair

Viviscal® (shown above), a marine protein supplement, is the currently the best-selling supplement worldwide (, 2011). Although it has been around for years, it recently gained popularity as Hollywood stylists started using it on celebrities like Kate Hudson (In StyleMakeover, 2011). Viviscal® has been shown to treat alopecia areata and androgen-related hair loss in a 1992 study in the (Journal of International Medical Research, 1992). It has been suggested marine protein may provide missing amino acids to the hair follicle that aid in hair growth (Journal of International Medical Research, 1992). It has also been hypothesized the silica compound component of Viviscal® may be important, as silica supplements have been associated with increased hair growth, though there are few studies to substantiate this (Hair Savers for Women, 2000). At any rate, a few readers have written to me after my first review of Viviscal® and have told me they noticed thicker and/or longer hair in five to eight weeks. This is the original article.


When you hair is breaking off uncontrollably and it seems to be coming out in patches, as a women it seems like the world is coming to an end. So I welcome natural makeup hair thickeners 3 that work, this will give me back my peace of mind and allow me to feel beautiful again.

lf you’ve had this problem before and have some tips on how you stopped your breakage will you share it with us. and if this post was a benefit to you click the like button below and share it with your friends.


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